Geometry or not?

De_la_perspective_en_peinture Geometry in composition goes in and out of fashion. It was very much in fashion for many of the painters I count among my influences: the Cubists, Constructivists, and their offshoots, one group of which even called themselves the Section d’Or, or Golden Section, after a rather well known ratio that has long fascinated mathematicians and mystics alike. There is a fair amount of evidence that some Renaissance painters used some rather complicated geometries in their work, notably Piero della Francesca, and of course many books have been written about the use of geometry in painting, architecture and sculpture. For painting, the go-to book is probably Charles Bouleau’s excellent “The Painter’s Secret Geometry” (sadly out of print, but many libraries have it).
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Look Show

Hotel - gouache on paper; 2013

One of my paintings is currently on display in the 14th annual Look Show at the Bay Centre. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the opening but I had a chance to see the show on the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to check out the work of some really fine local artists and I’d encourage everyone who’s interested to swing by before it ends on the 27th.

It’s a lot of work organizing a show that big so kudos to the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria for taking it on.