Getting Lightbox working in Nextgen Gallery

After having tried on and off for a while to get Lightbox working in Nextgen gallery/Wordpress I think I have finally succeeded, so my galleries are somewhat slicker now than they were a couple of hours ago.

It wasn’t entirely intuitive to set up though; after I thought I had activated Lightbox nothing much happened. As I couldn’t immediately see what was wrong I did my usual “Google the answer instead of thinking” thing. But that didn’t work too well either. Having waded through a lot of ultimately unhelpful advice out there I thought I would post here what eventually did work for me, after I resorted to tweaking various settings more or less at random. The fix turned out to be pretty simple.

First up, under “Other Options”, choose the lightbox effect you want to activate. I chose “Fancybox”, like so:


That wasn’t the tricky part. I expected it to work at this point, and it kind of did, but not in a useful way. Instead of getting the images to float on top of the gallery, I was still linking from the gallery to a page displaying the single images. From there I could activate the lightbox, but that was rather pointless.

It turned out there was a conflicting setting activated under “NextGEN Basic Thumbnails” under Gallery Settings. Setting all the radio buttons to “No” fixed that.


Et voila. A better showcase for the two new watercolors I just posted …

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