I’ve arrived


“Vanitas 01”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received solicitations from a well known/notorious New York vanity gallery and a web marketing company based in the UK. Apparently there is a critical shortage of painters in both places so they need to import them from Vancouver Island. Although the less charitable side of me speculates the shortage isn’t so much painters as such as it is painters prepared to fork over lots of money for the dubious privilege of having their paintings parked in a “prestige” location for a couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, I have to say I’m impressed. Not with the offers, which I will ignore. I’m impressed they were able to track me down at all. I mean, I’m pretty obscure. You have to beat the bushes pretty darn hard to flush me out.

And now they have,  and I’ve joined the (admittedly large) ranks of the elect who have been singled out for such attention. Not everyone gets such offers, just the ones they can find 😉


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  1. And no sooner did I post the above than I received yet another solicitation, this time from a vanity art-book publisher. That’s three dubious offers this month. What changed? I would have thought penniless artists would be a lousy source of revenue, but I guess if you get enough of them …