Look Show, 2014

I dropped off my painting “Postmodern Landscape” at the CACGV Look Show on the weekend, so it will be publicly viewable most of May. I haven’t yet posted it on the website here, and won’t until after the show comes down. But here’s the original thumbnail sketch it was based on. It went through a few transformations along the way …


The venue this year is Uptown, not the Bay Centre as it was in previous years. Uptown is an odd place, like a movie set version of a city street. The unreal, ersatz nature of a lot of contemporary building is one of the themes of my work so it seems completely appropriate to exhibit it there.

On a bit of a tangent, the CACGV has made some great leaps forward with technology lately. I really appreciate having the ability to renew my membership online, and that members gallery thing is a great idea. And having an online registration option for the Look Show was also a good idea, despite the technical difficulties at the start of the intake (no Internet connection, so they couldn’t confirm who had registered). The first time you try anything like that there are bound to be problems, but the volunteers handled it well and hopefully it didn’t take them too long to work out the kinks.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the show.

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