Oscar’s Art Books shutting down

I was sorry to hear, courtesy of the Georgia Straight, that longtime Vancouver bookstore Oscar’s Art Books is shutting down at the end of March.


Back in the early-mid oughts I lived about 3 blocks from there and I’d stop in a couple of times a week, happily blowing a not insignificant amount of cash in the process. Thinking about it, I’m a bit surprised they managed to survive what must have been a sizable hit to their bottom line when I moved to Victoria eight years ago …

I went back again when I was in town for a day last fall and picked up a coffee table book of Elizabeth Murray’s paintings from the sale table and a couple of other things. Stumbling across cool stuff like that was a common occurrence at Oscar’s. It’s great they lasted 24 years; it’s a darned shame they won’t be around much longer.

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