The Averted Eye

I’m pleased to report that some of my work is on display in the Legacy Gallery in downtown Victoria. The term “work” is chosen advisedly – it’s not my painting that’s on display. Over the past year and a half I’ve been leading a project to restore some computer graphics created by local artist Glenn Howarth back in the early 1980s. The project wrapped up over the summer, and since thenĀ  the results have been on display as part of a mini-retrospective of Howarth’s work. The exhibition started out in the lower level of the McPherson Library at UVic and then moved to the downtown location back in October, where it will run until early January. It was an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to help revive what I believe to be artworks of real historic significance: very early examples of digital art made with 100% Canadian technology. If you can’t make the show there’s a website with a small selection of computer graphics for your viewing pleasure.

But you should definitely see the show if you can. The guy had an amazing talent. All of it – paintings, drawings and digital art – are well worth seeing in person.

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