Some more paintings

Other things have been the focus of my attention so I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have hopes that will pick up again soon. In the meanwhile I’ve posted a few more paintings in the gallery and updated the main page with a new image.

This latest group showcases some of the acrylic paintings I’ve been working on since the spring. Earlier this year I mentioned I was going to be trying out acrylics again after thirty years of studiously avoiding them, and overall I’m happy with how that’s been going. Turns out working with gouache was good preparation for dealing with the rapid drying time of acrylic paint.

And from a purely practical standpoint, there’s something to be said for not inhaling volatile solvents while you work.

No painting today

Forest fires in the northern part of Vancouver Island are spewing particulate matter into the skies which has now drifted down to hang over Victoria. Sunlight filtering through the haze is bathing the city in a beautiful amber glow. Unfortunately, I’m finding it impossible to paint in this light, so I’m packing it in for the day.

Were I to look at this objectively, I’d have to admit this is not one of the more significant problems these fires are creating. My sympathies to those whose homes and communities are threatened, and my thanks to those who are working to put the fires out.

Leger and others

Some good paintings, drawings and lithographs are on display at the AGGV right now as part of the exhibition “Through the Looking Glass.” Fernand Leger is one of my heroes so it was great to see three of his lithographs I’d not seen before, and there are some fine, if minor, works by a number of his contemporaries including Calder, Magritte, and Picasso.

The show is drawn from the AGGV’s permanent collection and in addition to a few imports it features a lot of well-known BC artists from throughout the 20th century. I like most of ’em, but I’ll single out for mention a couple of paintings by BC Binning, because he’s one of my favourites on the home team. He was one of the only locals to work consistently in the constructivist tradition, which I like to think I belong to as well.

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