Unheralded artists of BC

Jack Hardman, 1964, courtesy HeritageBurnaby

Jack Hardman, 1964, courtesy HeritageBurnaby

A couple of nights ago I attended an AGGV reception for new members, having become one earlier this year. It was an enjoyable event, and I appreciated the tours of the old Spencer mansion and the Looking Glass exhibit. Nevertheless, I think the high point of the evening was for me a brief conversation with one of the other attendees, who drew my attention to a series of books I’d never heard of. The series’ title is “Unheralded Artists of BC,” published by Mother Tongue Publishing on SaltSpring Island.

Having checked a couple of them out of the library today, I can confidently say the series promises to be a gold mine, given my already documented interest in obscure local modernists. Some of the artists, like Jack Hardman and D.D. Uthoff, I’d heard of but know little about. Others like David Marshall or LeRoy Jensen I hadn’t even heard of before, even though they had some kind of a presence in the local art scene of the time.

Nice looking books too; the publisher didn’t scrimp on the production values. I’ll review them individually as I work my way through the series.


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